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Charging Station Options for Site Owners

Today, many charging stations are publicly funded and offer free charging to encourage early adopters of PEVs. However, many public stations will evolve toward a pay-for-use system as PEVs become more mainstream. In most parts of the United States, only utilities are allowed to sell electricity directly, so most non-utility owned stations likely will charge a service fee instead of charging for electricity use. A number of payment models are being explored, all designed to make paying for charging simple and convenient. Drivers might subscribe to a charging service, swipe their credit card, enter a charging account number, or insert coins or bills into a meter to charge their PEVs. In many cases, drivers will only be charged a single fee for parking and charging. “Smart cards” or radio-frequency identification (RFID) devices programmed with user information enable the station host to collect usage data in addition to payment.

Charging station ownership models also vary. Some charging station hosts may purchase, install, and operate stations themselves. This model gives the host or owner control of the station and allows them to keep all revenues. For example, a parking lot owner might buy and operate a pay-for-use charging station as a central part of its business strategy. Other organizations will contract with a third party who pays the station equipment, installation, and maintenance costs and manages the logistics in return for lease payments or a share of the station’s revenue. This model minimizes the host’s upfront costs and administrative responsibilities. For example, a retail business wanting the customer attraction benefits of hosting a station without handling all the details might contract with a third party to install and operate a station on its property.

Charging Station Cost Comparisons

If you are interested in energy efficiency, Energy Star has developed standards for charging equipment. Energy Star certified chargers can save 40% on average in electricity when in standby mode.

How to Use the ENERGY STAR Product Finder:

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  3. Review the results and if needed, filter your results further by “Type,” “Brand Name,” and other defining features.
  4. Make informed recommendations on ENERGY STAR certified products.